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People having fun at a dance party

How to throw a ridiculously fun dance party

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OK, we’re not trying to toot our own horn here, but we throw some pretty kick-ass parties. They might be fairly nerdy, but there’s nothing that screams “you’re an awesome person” like a celebration based solely on the ability (or lack thereof) to dance.

So, why are these events such a success? Well there are three key components: music, stress relief and a social atmosphere. Liquor could be a factor, but it’s not always a necessary ingredient.

Music is, of course, the main character in the dance party and the type of music played should appeal to a mass audience (or at least the general population attending the fête).Throw a dance party and have a good time!

As cheesy pop fanatics, we enjoy artists like Beyoncé, Kylie Minogue, Enrique Iglesias and basically any disco we can find. The Eurythmics and Wham! are never a bad choice either. Essentially any song you can mouth the words too should be considered so long as it has a quick beat and lyrics that either a) make no sense or b) aren’t too deep (exceptions: Queen B’s Single Ladies – a MUST when throwing said dance party). Don’t be afraid to go old school, those are often the most popular as they recall an age of innocence and collective happy memories.

If you’re wondering where Lady Gaga is… she is of course welcome to your party, but not ours. We find her political rambling and lack of vocal skill incredibly grating and some of us are part of the “in-crowd” that follows her, if you catch our drift. Yes, we admit Bad Romance is a catchy and certainly dance-floor worthy tune but we’d rather hear the Spice Girls… and there’s only so much time you have!

Rock fans and Indie lovers can find their own music… they wouldn’t appreciate us making suggestions anyway.

Speaking of running out of time, these dance parties are all about forgetting there is a clock ticking on your academic career. Dancing helps students loosen up (… well sometimes that way, too) and reduce stress in addition to increasing energy levels. Also, have you ever seen a dancer’s body? It is pretty much always flawless, so just think about that.

While we were in college, we’re not ashamed to say, we often threw dance parties in our dorms and didn’t even send out invites. We’d just prop the door open, blast the music and let anyone in. Sadly, one party got so big and possibly other room violations occurred, so it was shut down but it was the one of the craziest nights we ever had! It was worth the 15 hours community service required the following week.

Anyway, the point is that these social gatherings help students shake it out and just feel free from the shackles of textbooks and lectures.

Dancing also encourages interaction… even if you’re not humping on the floor, dancing always involves people talking or grinding with each other. If you worry there are too many couples pairing off and leaving out others, pull out some classy dance moves and start the always-popular dance circle.

This gets people to pay attention to others and raises a level of curiosity about others. Trust us, dancing is pretty much the most social thing you can take part in while at college.

So strap on your dancing shoes, pump the bass and boogie down because it’s party time!

StudentCity’s Playlist:

1) Club Can’t Handle Me – Flo Rida
2) Waiting for Tonight – J.Lo (or Let’s Get Loud, a less popular but no less great song by Miss Lopez)
3) Yeah! – Usher
4) Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) – Beyoncé (Also, Get Me Bodied, the extended mix, is fantastic and never got the amount of love it deserves)
5) One More Time – Daft Punk
6) Better the Devil You Know – Kylie Minogue (while it may not be popular here, this is still a club fave in the UK. And the UK knows how to party better than you do. Trust us, we’ve been there.)
7) Ray of Light – Madonna (any song from Madge is acceptable, really.)
8) Break Your Heart – Taio Cruz
9) I Wanna Dance With Somebody – Whitney Houston (or “It’s Not Right, But It’s OK” Thunderpuss Mix… yes that’s what it’s called.)
10) I’m Every Woman – Whitney Houston (shut up guys, you know you love it. And of course, a double shot of Whitney is necessary.)
11) Hey Ya! – Outkast
12) My Love is like Whoa – Mya
13) Dirrty – Christina Aguilera
14) Thriller – Michael Jackson
15) Boom Boom Boom – Venga Boys
16) Jumpin’ Jumpin’ – Destiny’s Child
17) Commander – Kelly Rowland f/ David Guetta (Our appreciation for Destiny’s Child singers borders on obsession)
18) Maneater – Nelly Furtado
19) Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough – Michael Jackson (or Billie Jean)
20) Crazy in Love – Beyoncé & Jay-Z
21) Lady Marmalade – Lil’ Kim, Christina Aguilera, P!nk, Mya
22) Raise Your Glass – P!nk (originally we were going to do 20, but we had to add Mya’s best song and the Moulin Rouge hit reminded us of P!nk’s new hit which we’re totally loving right now.)

What do you think, readers? Did we miss anything? Is our love for Beyoncé and Co too much? Have you ever really thought about how amazing Kylie Minogue is? And seriously… how glad are you that we remembered “Boom Boom Boom?”