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How to party while on break

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Are you missing solo cups and beer? There are plenty of ways to still enjoy them while at home!Finals may be upon us, but quite frankly, we’re not concerned about those.

We know what’s really on your mind… what’s going to happen when frat parties (and partying in general) comes to a standstill over the holiday season?

Despite the lack of fetes at home, there are plenty of ways to enjoy life (involving the good stuff) without booking an early trip back to school.

Yes, the days of keg stands, random hook-ups and free booze will come to a screeching halt but at least there will be some big blowouts before you head back to the dungeon that is your parent’s house.

So what-to-do when you get home? Raiding your parent’s liquor cabinet was fun in high school but now it makes you feel immature and foolish.

Plan A: Parents

First of all, ask your parents for a sip the next time they pop a bottle or crack one open.

You might be surprised by how open they are to getting their more mature child a little tipsy.

That won’t get you through the three-week long holiday however!
As soon as the offer came in we ran with it. If our parents offer to pour a glass, why wouldn’t they buy a handle?

Hand them a 20 the next time they go out to the liquor store and ask for your favorite beverage to “relax with at home.”

Home is key in that phrase. We both know this medicine isn’t for humble purposes, but if the ‘rents think so they’re much more likely to get it for you.

Once you’ve got the goods, plan a party with some friends you haven’t seen in a while. Chances are, if they’re not 21, they don’t have anything worth downing. Conveniently grab the bottle your parents bottle (bought) and say you’ve decided to bring it to a classy party. Dress up a little (you can always change later) so they think you’re a sophisticated adult, and voilà!

You’re parents have just supplied the booze to what is sure to become another dorm room party held in a basement.

Plan B: Siblings

If this plan doesn’t work, it’s time to move on to Plan B. What’s plan B, you ask?

In retaliation against the painful emotional mind games, tattle telling and physical injury, it’s time for those older siblings to pay for what they did to you (only children will get the booze for their rents, we promise).

Don’t even hand them a 20, just go straight up to them, tell them to go buy a handle or you’ll squeal about their pot plants growing in the backyard strategically placed behind shrubbery in the backyard.

Of course, they could have something on you too, so maybe that’s not the best idea.

Plan C: Older Friend

Plan C involves an older friend, one who is over 21 and doesn’t mind bending the rules. (What? Everyone does it!)

Give said friend a call and say you need a favor. If they have a good heart, they’ll oblige and they usually know where to get the cheap stuff! They won’t mind getting those mini Heineken kegs either, so you could in theory re-create the ambiance of a frat party. Mini-keg stands all around!

Of course, the truth of the matter is… college is just better for partying than home. Sometimes we wonder if colleges gives the celebration-prone such long winter breaks to allow the liver to rest.

But that’s just ridiculous… who stops drinking during break?