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Mr. and Mrs. Smith hit the big screen

How are you keeping warm this winter?

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Brad and Angelina turn up the heat in 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith.'With winter fast approaching, it’s important to stay warm during those cold nights inside the dorm when there is studying to do.

However, as most students need breaks, we’ve come up with a fascinating way to get hot without leaving your room. No, we’re not talking about exercise (although that may be a result of our suggestions), just sexy movies!

There’s nothing better than watching a steamy flick with a new beau or even some friends (for laughs) to warm up the soul and body.

In our usual fashion we’ve come up with some of the best titles and why they heat us up without spoiling too much.

Caution: these films are extremely sexy. Watching them can lead to procrastination, overheating, delusions and injury resulting from bedroom games. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the movies can have you in heat for days just by remembering some of the scenes shown on-screen.

Because we love you so much, we’ve also added a system that will gauge just how hot the movie is.


These are usually the best real movies as life and plot development replace T&A. Warms your heart, but not so much your loins.


No sex, but slit dresses, bare chests and eye-fucking are their own characters.


Sex involved here, but no nudity. Maybe a bare back or two and lots of kissing shown but the goods are left to your imagination.


Self-explanatory, right? All-around sexiness means the movie doesn’t revolve around the act itself but you can expect lots of tension, dirty talk and maybe a peek or two at the backside.


Romps abound here and you’re lucky if there’s a real plot line that is easily followed. Expect booty, boobs and Barry White to accompany you during the viewing.

Fire Alarm

If these weren’t real actors, it’d probably be classified as porn, but it’s not, so no one can judge you.

‘9 1/2 Weeks’ starring Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke (before he went mental) is a solid film about a wall street financier who woos a recently divorced art gallery worker. Even Oprah listed it on her sexiest films list and said “serious foreplay involving a jar of honey – will assure you never look at your refrigerator the same again.” (Smoking)

‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’ is definitely one for the girls. Starring Matt Damon and Jude Law with a serious gay undertone, these two men scheme, flirt and vacation in the Italian Riveria. Set in the 1960s with period appropriate bathing suits. Anyone up for a game of chess? (Sexy)

‘Basic Instinct’ is famous for Sharon Stone’s interrogation scene but its Michael Douglas and his girlfriends bizarre sex scene that really had us going. Violence and sex has never looked so good. (Fire Alarm)

‘Cruel Intentions’ isn’t really as good as everyone claims it is, but Ryan Philippe’s game of seduction with Reese Witherspoon was enough to fool her in real life. We fell for it too. Just as sexy is Sarah Michele Gellar’s tongue tag with Selma Blair which became the stuff of legend and won an MTV Movie Award for best on-screen kiss. (Sizzling)

‘The Notebook’ sure is cheesy but a tender moment between Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in an old house is worth the tears and fluff. This is perfect for friends looking for a little magic but boyfriends will leave if you make them watch. (Romantic)

We hate ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ because of what it did to Brad and Jen (Team Aniston!) but holy crap what a hot flick. From Jolie’s dominatrix assassin costume to what is arguably the sexiest reconciliation ever filmed, the Smiths are definitely worth the watch. The best part is there’s enough sexiness to go around for both genders. (Sizzling)

Tom Cruise might be a crazy mofo today, but in the early 80s, in ‘Risky Business,’ he was one of the sexiest newcomers to the screen since Marlon Brando burst onto the scene in ‘A Streetcar Named Desire.’ Cruise plays a high school senior who chooses to call a hooker when his parents go away for the weekend. We dare you to go on the subway after. (Smoking)

‘Y Tu Mamá También’ is a road trip and a sex romp rolled into one but this isn’t an American high school “let’s try to get laid” thing, this is passion at its finest. The ending is a bit abrupt but the climax is what really matters, in both senses of the word. (Fire Alarm)

Barbara Streisand isn’t really what comes to mind when people say the word “sexy,” but her chemistry with hunk of a man Robert Redford made “The Way We Were” one of the most passionate movies ever. You’ll need a fan to cool down and some tissues for after. (Sexy)

During the 60s and 70s, there was Jane Fonda and Raquel Welch, but not many actresses were chosen for their brawn and acting ability over good looks. Ah, but then there was Faye Dunaway, both a beautiful person and an outstanding actress. In ‘Chinatown,’ Dunaway plays a married woman who hires a detective (played by a sexy Jack Nicholson) to catch her husband cheating. The plot turns into a murder mystery that is amazing and profound, but it’s the two lead characters chemistry that really make this film so hot. (Sultry… never looked so good)

These are just a few of the movie industry’s sexiest films. Almost anywhere you turn today, movies are advertised through sex and passion, but are oftentimes misleading. Avoid those teenage sex comedies, anything with the word “sex” in the title, and stories based on fact because those sex scenes are always a let down (we’re looking at you Alexander and Troy!)

So pour a glass of red wine, dim the lights and have a cuddle sesh under the blanket in front of a TV as these sexy films keep you warm for the winter.