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Don’t let your SWAG get you arrested like this guy…

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This home surveillance video shows a a teen who has just burglarized this house, busting a move before leaving the property.

According to Galveston, Texas Police Captain, Jeff Heyes, “The 16-year-old juvenile suspect is known for his ‘swag,’ or signature dance move, and (he) does it in the hallways at school.”

I guess this kid found out the hard way that there are times when showing off his signature swag is and is not appropriate…When robbing a home being an inappropriate instance. He might as well have left his ID or a business card on the front steps.

I can’t wait for him to plead not guilty and then for the prosecution team’s evidence to be a video montage comparing all of his dance moves to prove that this kid is the burglar. That will be an entertaining day in the courtroom.