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Get Ready to Party this Spring Break in Cancun

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Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in and then exhale. Now, let your mind drift off and imagine the most picturesque, tropical vacation destination possible. Picture all of your best friends beside you and soon-to-be friends in the surroundings. The sun is warm on your skin, your beverage of choice is cold in your hand, and the music is loud to your ears. This is Cancun Spring Break.

Open your eyes. Still at school, huh? Sucks, doesn’t it?

We know what you’re thinking…’how do they know this?’ Well, what if we told you we’re pretty sure we know you a little better than you’d think? Here’s what we’re sure of…

  • You’re either procrastinating writing that paper, or you’re in class paying zero attention to your professor.
  • Wherever you are, the winter weather has been absolutely brutal. It’s impressive you’ve even gotten out of bed to brave it…or maybe you haven’t.
  • You’re the (wo)man and want to make sure you and your friends have the best Spring Break experience possible.

How’d we do? If you’re still with us then we know you’re still not writing that paper. Good, because you’re on your way to planning the most epic Spring Break trip to Cancun, Mexico you’ve ever imagined.

Cancun is the mecca of Spring Break. We’re talking unrivaled beach and pool parties featuring weekly headlining artists, Inception Music Festival events at Cancun’s hottest clubs every night with world-class DJs and performers, plus gorgeous beaches and all-inclusive resorts.

StudentCity is committed to providing you with the greatest value during your travels. This has been our mission as the Spring Break industry leader for 30 years. Don’t settle for anything less than the best; especially when it comes to Cancun Spring Break.

Cancun Spring Break Package Inclusions:


Fly together with your friends on preferred air carriers, all set up by StudentCity. You won’t be dealing with booking anything yourself.


Affordable all-inclusive food and beverages paid for in one price. Standard hotel options are also available.


We set up private bus transportation for all of our travelers to get you from the airport in Cancun to your resort, and back to the airport upon departure. No haggling with taxi drivers here!


Add a StudentCity Party Package anytime before you go on your trip and go to all of the best night events in Cancun with headlining DJs at the best clubs. The 2018 lineup includes Lil Wayne, Lil Pump, Borgore, Danny Avila, Deorro, and more to be announced. Our Travel Specialists are standing by to provide you with more information on this! Click here to see the Inception Fest lineup.


StudentCity DJs and MCs run the show every day at our headquarters hotels, the Oasis Cancun Lite and the Krystal Cancun. There are also weekly headliners performing at the Oasis Cancun and these events are FREE to all guests staying at this resort.

Saturday March 3rd: Carnage
Saturday Match 10th: R3HAB
Saturday March 17th: Afrojack
Saturday March 24th: Oliver Heldens


Professional team members are available 24 hours a day and are present at all events


Are you as jacked up about Cancun Spring Break as we are? We hope so! It’s going to be an epic time that you definitely can’t miss. StudentCity Travel Specialists are readily available to provide all the details, get you a custom quote for your group, and set up your individual accounts.

Don’t wait! You’ll save in the long run by booking your trip as soon as possible. We’re ready to quote your group for our headquarters hotel, Oasis Cancun Lite.