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Free Party Package Upgrade for Spring Break 2017!

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April_2016_Incentive_LP-055245-edited.jpgBeing a college student and making plans in advance go together pretty much as well as oil and vinegar; it usually just doesn’t happen. That being said, we’re going to bet that booking Spring Break 2017 might not be the first thing on your to-do list.

We get it, you just got back from Spring Break so why would you book next year’s trip this early? The answer to this question is what separates the true Spring Break veterans from the rookies who have no idea what they are doing. If you are a true Spring Break veteran, then you already know that the earlier you book the better deal you get on your trip. Sorry rookies, when you’re trying to book your trip in November and paying hundreds more than the veterans paid booking now, don’t say we didn’t warn you.


If you book your Spring Break 2017 trip to Cancun, Nassau, or Punta Cana anytime between now and April 15th, we’re giving you a FREE Party Package upgrade; meaning you’ll get a Platinum Pass for the price of a Gold Pass! Ask any one of our Spring Break veterans, going to Cancun, Nassau, or Punta Cana for Spring Break and not getting a Party Package means you are absolutely missing out on the best events of the trip. Why not just book now and let us give you a free upgrade?

For Spring Break 2016, the Cancun Platinum Pass got you into all major Inception Fest headliners at Cancun’s hottest clubs, the Nassau Platinum Pass had you partying all day on a private island, and the Punta Cana Platinum Pass gave you access to our daytime snorkel party cruise. If you saw these awesome upgrades laying on the ground, would you just leave them there? Absolutely not!

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