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Five Places to Find a Hot Date While on Spring Break

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Making friends on the beach can lead to a date.While you might not be looking for a “date” on spring break, we think its important to know where the best places to find a special someone for the evening (or next few days) may be.

Of course we discuss the usual places, but you might be surprised by a couple we’ve added in!

First things, first. If you want to have a sloppy, drunken hook-up… go to a dance club. Booze flows freely and the music is so loud its hard to hold a conversation. This list is for people who are interested in more than just sex (well… a bit more than just sex. Everyone knows that goal of a date is basically to get laid). So if you’re looking for hanky-panky go to the clubs, but if you’re looking for a companion to have a good time with check out these five spring break haunts.

Party Boat

Everybody loves a party! Cooped up in a small space, people are sure to run into one another. Maybe take a little less care when walking and you’ll run into that stunning beauty who caught your eye on the lido deck.


Even more tightly cramped than a boat, air travel is a fun and unique way to meet strangers. Conversation starters can include telling a funny story about your last vacation, discussing fun activities in the place you’re headed or current occupation. However, funny lines work the best. Things like “can you show me to the bathroom?” or “would you like to try some of my delicious, tiny meal?” can add some humor to the situation.


Bars are the easiest places to find a date during spring break. People who are drinking usually feel more loose and eager to meet people, so there’s no telling who might strike up a conversation with you. While it’s good to keep up fun and witty conversation, avoid anything that could be considered offensive, stick to the compliments and you’ll be golden. suggests trying a bar that is holding an opening night party because the people you meet will be more adventurous and willing to try new things.


Skimpy clothing always helps when it comes to scoping out new dates. Talk a walk with some friends on the beach and find a group to play a round of volleyball or go swimming with. When all the friends are merging, start a meet and greet with the one you connect most with.


Basically the same place as the beach, only throw a bar into the mix and you have a pool. Usually hotels only allow guests to enter, but that’s all for the better isn’t it? Easy access.

The best part about spring break is that you can meet anyone, anywhere, really. Just be friendly, confident and open to a little chat and things are sure to go well.

Stayed tuned for a pick-up line article for pointers on what to say to the ones you’re going after!