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Facebook creeping gone wrong

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We’ve all been at both ends of this; the creeper and the creeped on.

This is what happens:

As the creeper, you’re going through someone’s photos, wall, or what have you, when you accidentally like something. This most commonly happens when you’re deep into someone’s Facebook history, thus making it blatantly obvious that you were hardcore creeping on this person.

Who is this person you’re creeping on? This is most likely someone who you have some sort of past with. You were in a long-term relationship with him/her, you guys used to hook up, or you accidentally hooked up one night and have never spoken since. Good job, now they know you were getting your creep on.

Sure…you could just unlike the post or photo, but that notification has already been sent. Even if they don’t know exactly what you were creeping on, you were still creeping. Cue your anxiety because in your mind, they are going to think you are crazy/want to get back together/all that jazz.

CAUTION: Most Facebook creeping sessions gone wrong occur when you’re creeping via cellphone, making it extremely easy to accidentally like something. You’ve been warned.

As the creeped on, a similar sitchiation goes down, but in the opposite direction, which is in your favor. You get a notification that your ex significant other/ hookup buddy, or one night stand who you are now repulsed by, liked a photo of you. Your blood boils a little bit at the very sight of their name and thumbnail photo on your notification box. Then, you click to see what photo it is, and it’s from like 2009.

Your blood pressure slowly decreases and your immediate thought is HAHA! JOKES ON YOU, SUCKER! This is instant gratification in that you now know they were checking your shit out, and liking it, nonetheless. Who cares if this was a case of the aforementioned “accidental ‘like’ via cellphone?” The point of the matter is, they were creeping, and you have won.