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College students are struggling with budgets

Ease the stress on your budget with these money saving tips!

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If you are reading this, you are most likely a college student or recent graduate. Making ends meets can be stressful, especially with the added weight of the upcoming Holiday season. Well my fellow peers, fret no longer!

A recent article from MSN has laid out a number of ways in which you can both save your hard earned money this season, as well as even EARN upwards of $1,000. Besides the obvious money saving solution of dining out less often, here are some effective ways you can save substantially by the holidays;

  • Cancel your premium cable package and go with a lesser option. To many, it may be difficult to not be able to catch the newest episodes of Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, etc., but there are plenty of ways around this. Spend Sunday nights at your frinds house mooching off of their cable, or catch the episodes at a later date online.
  • Drop your gym membership. No one wants to put on those extra pounds of lovin’, which is easy to do around the holidays, but there are ways to burn those calories outside of the gym. Considerably watch what you eat, take up running and walking outdoors, use smaller weights at home, learn some pilates online, etc.
  • Get rid of your telephone landline. Who uses landlines anyways? Survive off of your cellphone for a few months…I’m sure that’s all youre using now anyways, so you might as well ditch the landline for good.

As far as earning that bit of extra cash you can;

  • Sell sterling silver for scrap (earnings: $240/ 8 oz. peice)
  • Sell unwanted gold jewelry (earnings: $140 for jewelry with melt value of $200)
  • Sell unwanted gift cards (earnings: relative)
  • Participate in focus groups that will pay you for your opinion (earnings: up to $200/ focus group)
  • Sell your belongings online (earnings: relative)

All of the above options are worthy of consideration when you’re crunching numbers to pay your rent, books, food, and extracurriculars.

Would you consider any of these options for saving and earning some cash during the holiday season, or any time of year for that matter?