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Just being a drunken a**hole

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Now, let’s go over the sequence of events that made up Ty’s low-key evening. Earlier in the night, Ty was taken to the hospital after someone called 911 to report that he was passed out in a car. His pants were soaked with urine upon his arrival at the hospital.

From there;

Staff said that he distracted them for three hours by yelling, walking around and removing his own intravenous tubes. While police tried to track down his parents to pick him up, he also made his escape. “He managed to sneak by the hospital staff and walk to the parking lot wearing only his hospital gown, which was split down the back with the buttocks fully exposed,” according to the arrest report. — Huffington Post

Let’s be honest here. This just does not add up. What kind of hospital operations are they running over in Indiana that allows the opportunity for an obnoxiously obliterated guy who is exposing himself all over the place, to be running around, yelling, pulling out his IVs, etc. for three hours, and in the next instant have somehow gotten past staff and out of the building? Safe to say these guards and staff members were all set with Ty’s shenanigans and turned a blind eye at this point.

Under circumstances such as this, does anyone else always wonder where this kids friends were while he was peeing his pants and passing out in a car?