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Crackdown on Four Loko & others lead to dangerous experimentation

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Don't take pills to help you study! Sometimes peer pressure can lead to people trying things they aren’t interested in or have no idea what effects are.

Modern drug culture is getting more intense every year, and while alcohol is technically a drug, students are taking it to a dangerous level to feel high… or numb.

In a recent expose by the Huffington Post, there are no less than EIGHT new drug trends. We’ve decided to share these in the hopes that you will spread the word and end these deadly and seriously dumb ways to get high.

Four Loko and whipped cream with an ABV is tame compared to these.

Bath Salts

Remember bubble bath as a kid? Maybe not, but nowadays “bath salts” aren’t just for relaxing. Apparently a new drug is being marketed as this bath product, which is then snorted and produces effects similar to cocaine. Or worse… one man who used it sliced his stomach open with a knife. In a separate incident, a woman ran after her mother with a machete believing she was a monster, according to Sounds fun?

Synthetic Cannabis

As states continue to crack down on marijuana use (and others just abandon hope of ever controlling it), synthetic cannabis has been developed. These legal herbs apparently “mimic” the effects of smoking dope, without showing up in THC tests. It’s weed for cheaters!


Also a hot new drug? Sniffing nutmeg! Gee, what will they think of next?! If ingested in large doses, the spice can work as a hallucinogen. However, it’s been known to cause sudden sniffing death syndrome (which is the most hilarious cause of death we’ve heard in a while.) and the high can last one to two days, reports ABC news.


Ugh, and then there’s Salvia! Oof, guys did you ever see this? If you do this psychotropic drug… you’ll turn into Miley. Then no one will like you. And your life will suck. Ergo, Salvia is lame!

Adderall & Ritalin

While this one isn’t very new, Adderall and Ritalin certainly gained huge ground in the four years we spent in college. With more and more work being loaded onto students, these pills have become almost a staple in cramming for college exams. It’s all fun and games, however, until their addictive properties kick-in. Or you end up in the hospital with severe kidney damage, like the 13 U of Iowa football players who suffered from Rhabdomyolysis, caused by muscle fibers being released into the blood stream, according to the Daily Iowan.


Have you ever tried inhaling helium from a balloon? If you have, technically, you’ve done drugs. That giddy feeling you get from ingesting gas is incredibly dangerous. It can lead to brain damage by cutting off access to oxygen, and eventually death. It was a massively popular drug in the 90’s, better known as “Whippets” or nitrous oxide. And no one lives in the 90’s anymore, so quit it.


Like “bath salts,” we’ve never heard of DMT, but its effects are similar to meth, according to the Huffington Post. Last October, three students were arrested for building a lab to create the drug in their dorm room… at Georgetown. You think they’d be smart enough to know that having a drug lab in your dorm room is a big no-no.

Malava Novocaine

Whoa whoa whoaaaaaa. Have you heard of “Mary Jane’s Relaxing Soda?” “Malava Novocaine?” “Drank?” These are just some of the names of new anti-energy drinks, which are marketed as the opposite of caffeinated alcoholic beverages like Four Loco. Nicknamed “relaxation in a can” (say wha?!), CNN discovered that some of these drinks might even be laced with marijuana. Ummm, are you trying tell us that they’re selling Green Dragon now? How is this legal?!

“When you are stressed out, normally you’d have a drink,” said Matt Moody, founder of Mary Jane’s Relaxing Soda in a CNN article. “You can’t walk around smelling like vodka all day. I wanted to try to make something you can have to mellow you out… It’s a quick fix to slow things down when things get hectic.”

That just does not sound safe.

So there you have it, kids. The eight drugs that are either regaining popularity or have just been discovered by some infamously idiotic psychopath looking to get high.

When you’re out partying, please, PLEASE be responsible. It’s one thing to have a few too many drinks… we’ve all been there. It’s another thing to be on spring break and end up in jail because you bought “bath salts” in Mexico. Because let us tell you, you ain’t getting home if that happens. At least not before school’s back in session.