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Domestic vs. International Travel

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Know the difference…

When choosing the Spring Break destination that is best for you and your friends, there are some key elements that are important to consider before finalizing your plans. One aspect of traveling that you should understand before booking is the difference between Domestic and International trips, and what each entails.

What is a Domestic trip?

A domestic trip is within the United States. The largest domestic StudentCity Spring Break destinations include Panama City Beach, Florida and South Padre Island, Texas. We also offer travel to Las Vegas, Nevada and Miami, Florida.

What is an International trip?

An international trip is one that is to a country outside the United States. The largest international Spring Break destinations are Cancun, Mexico and Nassau, Bahamas. We also offer travel to Freeport, Bahamas, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico..

The biggest differences between Domestic and International travel:

  • To travel to an international destination, you need a valid passport to go through customs and enter the country you are visiting, as well as to get back into the US. If you don’t currently have a passport, it can take several weeks to receive, so you must get this done well in advance of your departure date.
  • All-inclusive resorts are only available on international trips. All-inclusive accommodations are not offered anywhere within the US.

What does all-inclusive mean?
All-inclusive means that the cost of food and drinks (alcohol, too), while on your hotel property, is included in the overall price of your trip. This also includes gratuity, but we encourage additionally tipping your servers and bartenders.

  • Domestic trips generally have a cheaper price tag. This is for a couple reasons:
    1. Food and drinks are not included in the price of accommodations. While StudentCity travelers get to enjoy free beer and happy hour specials at various venues throughout their trip, you will still be paying for food and drinks in domestic destinations.
    2. StudentCity does not book flights for domestic travel. Many travelers will drive to their Spring Break destination in the US, saving them hundreds of dollars.
  • In international destinations, the drinking age is 18+. In domestic locations such as Panama City and South Padre, clubs are 18+ to enter, but the drinking age throughout the US is 21. If you travel outside the US, all ages are able to party responsibly at all events.

Do you have more questions about the different between domestic and international trips? Our team is ready to help! Please call us at 888-777-4642 to speak with a StudentCity representative.

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