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Doll houses, blankets, & Hot Wheels inducted into Toy Hall of Fame

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The 2011 inductees into the Toy Hall of Fame last week were the doll house, the blanket, and Hot Wheels. WTF? Alright, Hot Wheels, yeah I get it…but the doll house and the BLANKET? I understand that the blankets were the key element to building forts in Grandma’s basement, but I am confused as to why the blanket gets to chill in the Toy Hall of Fame.

Inducted in past years were toys such as The Game of Life, Legos, Monopoly, Play Doh, Tinker Toys, Nintendo Gameboy, Etch a Sketch, and many genius inventions of the like. Touche, Toy Hall of Fame; I see you. However, on top of that, also claiming residency at the Toy Hall of Fame are the stick, and the cardboard box. Talk about appreciating the simpler things in life, but I’m not buying it.

My Toy Hall of Fame would consist of: the talking Power Rangers gloves, the Talk Boy (as seen in Home Alone), the Fisher Price red car, the Paperboy game for Sega Genesis, and Giga Pets. Lezbehonest; if the toy choices were between a stick and Paperboy, I’d be slaying that paper route all day all night.

Side note: Why hasn’t water been inducted yet? If we’re giving sticks and blankets the honor, how can we neglect water like that? Same thing goes for sand and dirt. Sand castles and mud pies for days. Get on your shit, Toy Hall of Fame.