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Dancing makes you smarter

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Dancing Makes You Smarter

Well, duh. Pretty sure I am the poster child for this study. I dance on a daily basis, whether it is in a structured class, a bar, or my bedroom, and look at me; genius.

This study shows that dancing frequently reduces risk of dimentia by 76%. The reason for this is because dancing requires your brain to make split-second rapid-fire decisions.

What kind of dancing is most affective? Dancing in a social setting rather than in a choreographed setting is more affective in reducing risk of dimentia because it involves more decision making, whereas choreographed dance is memorized in both your brain and your muscles.

My only reservations on this study: Being that this study shows that social dancing has proven to be the most cognitively stimulating type of dance, what if the people doing this study are just a bunch of perverted guys? They want young females, like myself, to believe that getting our dirty grind on will make us smarter, so they came out with this study. I am not fooled. Then again, I am also not going to stop dancing. I guess they’re winning either way with this one.