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Contest winners could win free college tuition

Contest winner will receive free college tuition for life!

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Cardiff University Hosts Willy Wonka Like Contest for Life-Long Free Tuition

Who would complain about this? “While I think that the individual student who wins this process will be very fortunate, it is a very sad indication of the state in which our higher education system finds itself that gimmicks like this have to be offered by our universities.” Dr Philip Dixon, director of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers in Wales told ‘Wales Online.’ “I wonder where this will end – will we see the universities of Wales offering buy-one-get-one-free degrees?” (I hope you read this in your most stuck-up British accent ever…I did.)

…Apparently Dr. Philip Dixon would. Is he for real? What a pretentious ass, huh? “Gimmicks like this” should be offered by universities, and on at least a once-per-semester basis.

#1 problem with this contest: tuition is less than half the battle regarding college expenses. How about pay for my books, room&board, and throw in a couple hundred extra for leisurely spending? I’m talking about colleges throwing around full-boat scholarships on a regular basis out of the goodness of their heart.

I went to an in-state university and my loan bills still aren’t cute, even though they make it seem like going to a state school is dirt cheap, I am still tens of thousands of dollars in the hole. Every month when I write out my check to the loan companies, I want to include a memo of choice words for them. I wouldn’t waste my time getting up on a Saturday morning to participate in a free tuition contest because I already got that with my impeccable MCAS scores (only about $4,000, but I guess I can’t complain), however, this would be a great opportunity to lessen those college loans for the students who didn’t rock their MCAS testing like I did.

To conclude, Philip Dixon needs to stop crying and probably get the universities of Wales to jump on the band wagon with this maneuver so that the population of the UK doesn’t start thinking they suck for not being more like Cardiff University. Just saying.