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College Dorms Can Be Cheap If You’re In the Know

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Move-in day doesn't have to be a burdenCollege move-in day can be a strain on your back…and your wallet.

Luckily, there are ways to save when it comes to dorm necessities.

Max Levitte of blogged on the Washington Post recently about the numerous ways to cut costs on furniture, shipping and other fees that can add up. offers cheap furniture and even has a blog for decorating ideas. Amazon Student offers a free membership to any student with a current .edu e-mail address. Shipping costs will be the same as normal delivery but packages arrive in two days instead of the usual week-long wait.

“Now’s the moment to start pulling together everything you’ll need to make your room feel cozy and look smart,” says Levitte.

If students plan ahead they can make move-in day easy and stress-free. offers some good advice on how to save space in a cramped dorm for cheap. For example, lofts create space under your bed for plastic containers that can be filled with food, books, even clothes.

Another great way to find ideas is to talk with older students. They’ve been there before and should have brilliant ideas for saving money and space.