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Before you go to college…

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You’re a senior in high school who is coming up on your last days of school with all of your best friends from childhood, and you’re wondering…what’s next? Well, I’m here to tell you not to get too far ahead of yourself with the summer planning. Although you may not know it, and maybe you haven’t even penciled anything in to your planner, but your summer is basically booked. This is not to say that it won’t be one of the best summers of your life, but here’s how it’s going to go…

  • Finals. You’re not home free yet. You still need to pass those finals so that you can actually walk across that stage in June to get your diploma.
  • Prom! Girls, you’ve all done this before, but this time is your last and definitely most fun and special. Spend all day getting ready; hair, nails, makeup, trying to get your sticky boobs to cooperate, and finally those last-minute touche-ups before meeting up with all of your friends for pictures at whichever of your friends has the nicest house. This is nothing like the movies. Your date won’t be waiting at the bottom of the stairs to tell you how beautiful you are, your parents won’t embarrass you with that one Polaroid photo before you head out. None of this actually happens. Thank God.
  • Graduation. Boring. Boring. And more boring. You’re basically only showing up so that you can make your parents and grandma happy, and to take photos in your cap and gown with your friends & people who you were never really friends with but maybe spent your study period together because none of your real friends were there. This is all of our avid Instagrammer’s DREAM! Pic stitch for days – “Love my girls!! Crazy times these past four years. #nofilter #sisters #bestfriends #classof2013 #besties”
  • Grad Parties. Between the months of June – August, you will be going to about 3-4 grad parties per weekend. Some parties will be the, I’m going to make a twenty minute appearance so that I’m not the jerk who didn’t go. These are the parties of those same people who you weren’t really friends with but had study together. Then, there will be the parties you actually want to go to. These are a good time. Not to mention, YOUR grad party will be the best of them all. Forewarning: your party will coincide with about 50 others on that day, so make sure yours brings the noise.
  • Shopping & packing for college, otherwise known as the time when your mother has never been more annoying. “You need this. You’re gonna need that…Don’t forget to pack this. I’m not buying you that…” I’m not sure if it’s best to get all of your shopping done in one day and have it over with, or to spread out the obnoxiousness over a few weekends. Just consider yourself warned.You will never be so ready to move to college until after you’ve gone through the shopping and packing process with your parents.
  • Pool. Beach. Lake house. Bonfires. Cookouts. Grad Trip. This summer is probably going to be the best of your life. Between all the craziness of prom, graduation, grad parties, shopping, packing, and moving to college, you’re going to be having a blast! You will be making memories with your best friends that are only going to make it harder to leave them at the end of the summer, but you won’t be apart for too long! The best years of your life have only just begun…

On behalf of everyone here at GradCity and StudentCity, we want to congratulate all of the graduating seniors of the Class of 2013. We hope you’re ready for the time of your lives this summer on your grad trip!! We can’t wait to see all of you out there on the beaches with us. Summer 2013 is definitely going to be one to remember!