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Nassau High School Trips

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When planning a trip it is important to know all of the details and what to expect – especially when rounding up a group of high school students. We want travelers and their parents to be 100% in-the-know when it comes to their trip, so we are laying out every last detail. Nassau is the perfect spot for a high school spring break or senior trip, but don’t take our word for it. Here is Blindbrook High School student Jack L.’s firsthand account of what you can expect from your trip to Nassau…

Arriving in Nassau and getting to the hotel is quick & easy!
“Getting from the airport to the hotel was easier then I expected. As you can imagine, after that flight everyone is antsy and ready to get to the beach. The GradCity staff was right at baggage claim waiting for us and did a great job of getting everyone and their bags to the hotel as quickly as possible.”


Days in Nassau are the perfect combination of fun & relaxing.
– Here’s what an average day in Nassau is like for a GradCity traveler:

  • Wake up between 9-11am, throw on your bathing suit, grab breakfast & head to the beach!
  • Meet up with your friends & make some new friends from other schools. Everyone is there for the same reason – to have an awesome time!
  • Enjoy some tropical beverages, dance, tan, swim, hit up the water slide…
  • Call it a day around 4-5pm, head to your room for a nap/shower & to get ready for a crazy night!
  • Meet up with friends and head somewhere such as Senior Frogs for dinner & to start your night.


The fun doesn’t stop there; it’s only just begun. Wondering what an average GradCity night is like?
“An average night in Nassau became going to Frogs for dinner…More and more kids would arrive to Frogs and at around 9:30-10 everyone would start moving out to the Grad City Night events, hosted at a variety of clubs throughout Nassau. Whather it was Mario’s or Luna, the night activities were unreal. Everyone goes and it’s a great time.”

  • After GradCity events, many travelers go back to Senor Frog’s
  • Then the party sometimes moves to Aura at the Atlantis – “Aura is one of the best clubs I’ve been to in my life and the party never stopped there.” – Jack L.


How do I get around to all of these places?
“Cabs are readily available for any transportation necessary and are always posted up outside every possible place you could be at to ensure you always have a safe ride home. The cab drivers are also very fun and make your rides just another part of your night.”
Nassau provides a fun & safe environment for students. GradCity travelers are welcomed with open arms. All of the locals and vendors know who we are and love having us in town!


What if something happens and I need help?

“My friend was physically injured one night and the GradCity Staff was a huge help and were on the scene in less than five seconds. They had a doctor on site who assessed his injuries and suggested that he go to the hospital. An ambulance was there in less than 15 minutes to take him, myself, and a GradCity staff member to the closest hospital where he received proper treatment and X-rays. I assure you that everything that could have been done was done and worked out perfectly fine. My friend was back on the beach, having a good time the next day.”

  • GradCity Staff is available to assist in any situation 24/7
  • We are not babysitters, but we make sure all of our travelers are safe and having a good time.


What is most travelers’ favorite part of their Nassau trip? *The Day Cruise Excursion*

“The day cruise was probably the greatest day of my life…DJ Boji was on the decks absolutely killing it. As if the day couldn’t get any better, the bar on the private island was serving some of the best drinks The Bahamas had to offer. The beach was beautiful and there were hammocks to lounge on. They served lunch on the island and it was actually very good. Private island partying went on for the entire day and even continued when we got back on the boat…It was physically impossible to stop having fun. The day cruise is a must.”


Finally, of his GradCity experience as a whole, Jack L. says, “…my GradCity experience was perfect. It was everything I could have ask for and more. The staff was accommodating and always readily available… The GradCity events were also amazing. They do a great job of bringing everyone together for a fun time.”