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Apple is trying to pull a fast one

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I’m sure that since last week some of you have upgraded to the new iPhone 5, and that’s great for you. All the rage is that they are so much lighter than the 4 and 4S, they’re lightening fast, more durable, have a better camera; basically everything we could want from a new iPhone. With the introduction of the 5 also came a new and improved operating system; iOS 6. For all of the poor kids out there who don’t have an available upgrade, access to Mommy & Daddy’s credit card to buy a new phone outright, or for those of us who don’t find it necessary to jump on the iPhone 5 bandwagon just yet, we made the simple upgrade to iOS 6.

This seemed like the next best option to buying the 5, until the damage was done. My 4S is now so much slower, iTunes doesn’t load, the App Store SUCKS and is always “not available at this time,” everything freezes, some apps won’t update, and the list goes on.

Really, Apple? My theory is that Apple thinks they are clever and purposely programmed the new operating system to not function well with the older iPhones. Then, when people get their hands on the iPhone 5 to check it out, they will see how great it is, perceive it to be that much better than their current phone, and will drop hunneds on the spot for a better, faster phone. I see you, Apple. Conspiracy.

Unless this is just my phone being an asshole. Anyone else experiencing issues with iOS 6?