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Acapulco – our favorite nightlife

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It’s all about the nightlife!
When you’re going on Spring Break, you want to be sure your destination has exciting nightlife. Spring Break is all about the parties, clubs, entertainment, and dancing, and you’ll experience all this and MORE in Acapulco.

**What do you mean “more?”**
For years, Acapulco was StudentCity’s #1 Spring Break destination; where we hosted the absolute hottest events. In Acapulco we love to throw theme parties at the different clubs, such as an all white party, a Heaven & Hell themed night, Mardi Gras events, and we even used to celebrate New Year’s Eve each week with our travelers, including a full display of fireworks right at the club.

The clubs are electric!
What makes Acapulco such a great spot for all of our favorite night events is the fact that the clubs here are absolutely insane. These are the sickest clubs you will ever go to. From Palladium, to El Alebrije, Pure, Mandara, and Baby O, you will be left in awe, as these clubs are incomparable to any other destination. You’ll experience state-of-the-art sound systems, electric light shows, and an all around wild atmosphere, while also receiving great service from some of our favorite bartenders in the biz.

We’ve missed Acapulco…
We are so amped to get back to Acapulco and get things going again at our favorite Spring Break clubs, and we plan to come back with events bigger and better than ever! We are all about topping ourselves and there’s no better place to set the bar a little higher than in Acapulco. The possibilities here are endless…