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Acapulco has it all!

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For the past four or five months we’ve been talking a lot about Acapulco, which has been one of our favorite Spring Break destinations for years. Not only does Acapulco have warm, sunny, summer-like weather all year ‘round that keeps us coming back for more, but it is also home to our favorite nightclubs, resorts, and beaches. Acapulco is a Spring Break dream venue in all regards.

Acapulco isn’t for rest & relaxation.

The resorts here are perfect for Spring Breakers
When traveling to Acapulco, you are faced with the difficult decision of choosing which amazing resort you will be spending your week at. This is not to say that you are bound to your hotel for the entire week, but this is likely where you will end up spending your party-filled days. When traveling to Acapulco, most students will be staying at Playa Suites. This is the center of all the Spring Break action in Acapulco. At Playa Suites you will enjoy 24/7 all-inclusive food and beverages, a party atmosphere with a DJ at the pool, and each individual suite has a separate area that is perfect for pre-gaming.

It’s all about the day parties!
The aspect of Spring Break that resonates most strongly amongst travelers is the day parties. Travelers roll out of bed after only a couple hours of sleep after the club, and some even join us at the pool directly from their crazy night out. Students rage at their resort all day long at out of control pool parties. Drinks are always flowing, beats are bumping, and the beach bodies are on display at all times in Acapulco.

Our favorite nightclubs are in Acapulco.
The clubs here are outrageous. After you’ve spent the day raging at the pool, the last thing you’re going to want to do is rest – the day parties are meant to prime you for the clubs. You will be left in awe of the upscale nightlife that is offered here. Our favorite clubs in Acapulco are Palladium, El Alebrije, Pure, Mandara, and Baby O. These clubs can truly not be paralleled by any other destination. From exclusive VIP areas, complete with bottle service, to eclectic light shows, state-of-the-art sound systems, and the untamed coeds, this is a scene worth writing home about.