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A Valentine’s Day Guide For Singles

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Pamper yourself on Valentine's Day if you're single. Valentine’s Day can be rough for single people living across the nation, especially when you’re in college.

Everywhere you look frat boys are wining and dining their sorority counterparts and that cute nerd couple always manages to rub their relationship in your face.

The worst is when you’re roommate asks you what the plan is for Valentine’s Day. For a moment, you think: hey, we’ll all hate the cupid holiday together! But, no. He/she means are you spending it alone or with someone special? Enter their significant other and exit you crying… alone in the bathroom.

In case you’re not sure how to handle the pressures of being alone on Valentine’s Day, here are some helpful ways to ignore all that mushy love in the air.

A lot of the times, many people you may think are a couple actually just fool around frequently. They may not even have plans! Ask your friends what their plans are for the holiday and see if they want to hang out. There’s bound to be a few single people on campus! Enjoy a scary movie or watch something super cheesy like the Notebook.

Don’t go out to dinner! You will be surrounded by canoodling couples and lots and lots of champagne. Sure, that sounds like fun (the last part) but alcohol and loneliness often lead to tears. There will be no tears on Valentine’s Day! Unless you watch the film “Valentine’s Day,” but you’ll be crying from the horror of how AWFUL that movie is.

Of course, there are greater alternatives than just chilling with your friends.

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Chances are, however, that you’re not in New York City… just on a college campus. Look for special events like singles mixers and organized trips to clubs or whatnot. These are a great way to go out by yourself and meet others who may be looking for a relationship.

If there’s been a recent break up in your past, consider wallowing. Sometimes the best thing to do is to just spend a few hours thinking about how that person made you happy or sad or whatever. Just don’t do it completely alone…

“If you recently experienced a loss of a mate, take the time to grieve and remember this person,” advises the Apex Herald. “You don’t have to pretend it isn’t a hard day. Enjoy the support of others.”

Of course, there’s always the back up plan.

Just don’t forget to buy lots and lots of batteries… it’s going to be a loooooooong night. Plus its great practice for those marathon sessions during spring break (wink wink).