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A Semester at College, As Told By Drake Gifs

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When it comes to college, we know better than anybody that no two people are going to have the same experience.  That being said, there are some things that you can’t avoid.  It doesn’t matter what your major is or where you go to school, you have almost definitely experienced these moments at least once.  Now you may see the title and think,  “Drake didn’t go to college… how the hell can he relate?”.  Well thanks to the magic of the internet, there’s no shortage of Drake gifs that fit every occasion.  Shockingly, a lot of them fit the college lifestyle pretty well.

When your jam is playing when you walk into the dining hall:


When your usual seat gets taken on exam day, but you need to play it cool:


When all your friends are arguing about if the answer was A or B and you answered D:


When all your friends are in class so you have to go to the dining hall alone:


When you’re the group’s driver and are stuck sober at the party:


When you find your best friend out at a party:


When you think you can cram for a test you haven’t studied for:



When your parents call to discuss your credit card statement:


When you and your crew step out for the night looking fresh as hell: (It’s Drake’s dad but this still counts)


When you realize the semester is over and you need to go home for break: