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A Reminder about the realities of spring break

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Spring break is so close! Here are some tips to keep it real on your vacation.When one thinks of spring break, their thoughts tend to include gorgeous beaches, an infinite amount of shots and really hot bartenders who just happen to be free at the end of the night.

Sadly, only one of these is typically true. There are no hot bartenders who are readily available and there will be no free shots (unless you get an all-you-can-drink wristband)

There are some other ‘truths’ that should be dispelled before students arrive at their steamy destination. These aren’t meant to deter students from taking their trip, but rather, these sad realizations will reduce any unfortunate surprises students may come across on their vacation.

As someone who speaks from experience about her many trips to “Blackout City,” Lauren from College Candy, has five main topics that students should be aware of. Perhaps “topics” isn’t the correct word… they almost all involve alcohol.

Hopefully by now, students have planned their budget, but what they don’t realize is that many people will end up spending more than they expect. Plan ahead for “emergencies” like when you need an extra round of shots for your 25 new bffs or the extra bottles of aloe you’ll need after spending three full days in the sun. Also, throw a few cab rides into the budget – those long walks home are never any fun in heels.

Right now, students are anxiously awaiting their midterms to be over so they can relax for a week. “This is not that week,” warns Lauren. After all the partying, staying up late and excessive drinking… you’re going to need another vacation. Thankfully that’s what weekend getaways are for! Be prepared to sleep all day when you get back.

Thankfully, first days back at school are never really that important (*cough* hookey *cough*).

Third on the list? Beware of annoying drunk people. If you’re friends with someone who becomes “that person” when they drink, avoid them. It’s spring break…they’ll get the alcohol someway and you don’t want to be there when they pull a Snooki and try to beat the crap out of some chick who tried to steal her flavor of the hour.

Also, there appears to be a notion that “what happens on spring break, stays on spring break.” We hope that you’re smart enough by now (hey, you’re in college!) to realize that there will be no secrets.

Things like you hooking up in the nightclub bathroom, running naked past the police or falling out of a window are just not going to stay about of the college tabloids. And with social media, you can guarantee the stories will be widespread knowledge by the time you get back.

Lastly, don’t forget the things that responsible people (orientation leaders, parents, educators, Anderson Cooper) remind you of every day.

It’s important to be on the lookout – if you see someone acting suspicious, say something! Don’t just wonder why some guy is putting a special powder in your drink! Throw it in his face. Then run away.

Always stay in groups…PLEASE don’t go off by yourself. There is a reason most people who end up in trouble on spring break are often found alone.

“And if you see anyone resembling The Situation, run away. Fast,” warns Lauren. “there are some souvenirs you just don’t want to bring home with you…”

Truer words have never been spoken, Lauren. Good call.