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A music playlist for the pre-party during spring break

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Get ready for a night out with a great playlist on your iPod.As we mentioned in our last article, it’s important to have a good party playlist when you’re gearing up for a spring break party before hitting the town.

Whether you need a little BEP to get the party started or some cheesy pop to make those hips move, we have the perfect spring break pre-party playlist.

Start the night out right with Pink’s slamming single “Raise Your Glass,” with those heavy dance beats and fun-time anthem lyrics, it’s perfect for beginning the party.

After that, move onto something even faster, perhaps with a techno beat… like Robyn’s “Dancing on My Own.” And as much as we hate her… Kesha’s “We Are Who We Are” is a really fun dance song.

Now that you’re all warmed up, it’s time it bring in some Rap, so add in Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice,” Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” or “Big Pimpin’.” If you’re in Miami, the requisite namesake song by Will Smith fits nicely here.

To interject some flow (both lyrical and bubbly), add in Beyoncé with “Crazy in Love” or if you’re in to her more recent stuff, “Single Ladies” always works, but if there’s men in the room, be kind and play something like “Deja Vu,” one of her songs which features a male guest artist.

Add in Florence and the Machine’s “Dog Days are Over” to get your indie dance on, then completely negate it with Katy Perry’s “Firework” or “California Gurls.” Perry’s “Peacock” single is also really fun if you can handle the metaphor that’s hidden right in the song title.

We love The Notorious B.I.G., so all of our playlists have “Get Money” or “Juicy” on them… yours should too. This would be the place to add in any Lil ‘Kim (from the good ‘ol days) you might have secretly lurking in your iPod.

You may not like them, but Lady Gaga or Kylie Minogue (the better option) provide excellent dance floor music to shake it.

If you’ve heard of A Tribe Called Quest, you know that it’s not really dance music, but you can definitely sway to the beats. Try “Check the Rime” or “Can I Kick It?”

Kelly Rowland might not be in Destiny’s Child anymore, but her recent collaborations with David Guetta have been hot tracks, so try “Commander.” There’s nothing wrong with a little “Bootylicious,” either.

Now that you’re in the groove, it’s time for an ego boost: which means Kanye. Whether you want to scream along to his new hit, “Monster” and have a Nicky-Jay-Kanye faux rap-off or dance to “Flashing Lights,” West’s jams always make us feel like hot stuff.

Once you’re pumped up to take on the world, “Hey Ya!” by Outkast and maybe some Missy Elliott “Pass the Dutch” is necessary before you leave the room.

After that, take one more shot and you’re good to go – attack that dance floor like you own it, girl.