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A Freshman Primer

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Avoid being a Freshman Fool by following these suggestions.A college junior has been nice enough to share some ideas about what she wishes she knew during her freshman year.

In a recent article from USA Today, third-year undergrad Morgan Gibson shares the lessons of being a young, naïve college student in their first year. Of course, not all disasters can be avoided, but the major ones certainly can.

If your college has co-ed dorms, beware of the sexy young thing next door. Try to avoid hooking up with people on your floor as the results can get ugly. When the inevitable break up ensues, everyone that lives near you will feel the awkwardness.

When you walk down the hallway and see your former FB (you should know what we mean), it won’t be all smiles and waves. Instead, the death stare will take over and everyone will see it. Avoiding the girl or boy next door prevents becoming barricaded in your room or avoiding the floor all together.

Do you wander down the street looking for flashing lights and pumping bass? Bad idea, says Gibson. “Wait for rumors of parties or go with the girl whose brother’s a senior and his friends are having one,” she advises. Walking up and down Frat Row makes you look like lost little puppies and in college, no one wants to take care of your drunk ass.

Also, stop staring in sorority windows, it’s creepy, says Gibson, herself a sorority member. If you want to join one, pledge during Rush Week at the beginning of the semester.

Fashion is an important part of life anywhere you go today, so make sure you’re not making any faux pas. Gibson suggests not wearing pajamas to class, but we say fuck that. Students need to be comfortable… how else can you sleep at the back of the lecture hall. In smaller classes, don’t wear jammies, though.

Girls, don’t walk around campus in heels. While it will make you look sexy, falling down in heels makes you look like a fool. And you will fall. College walkways are uneven and often have cracks in the pavement, which can make for a long walk to class. “Carry them in your bag,” Gibson states, and put them on when giving a presentation, but otherwise leave them for going out to get laid at night.

Also, you know those free t-shirts you get on move in day and the first game of the season? Don’t wear them anywhere besides your dorm room and at sporting events. Otherwise, it just screams: “I’m a freshman! Look at how young I am!”

Don’t be mean to your roommate, either. We never saw eye to eye with our roomie, but that doesn’t mean we were horrible to each other. Want to know what happens when roommates fight? They cut holes in your clothing, kick you out and then end up living somewhere else, imposing upon other students.

That’s what happened to our roommates girlfriend. She spent the entire spring semester turning our two-bed dorm room into a three-bed. Not cool.

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, make sure your ready for class! This doesn’t mean take every book you own to the first lecture. Rather, it means always having two pencils, one pen and a notebook (with paper!) so you can jot down anything about the course from the first day.

Many professors delve right into the material on the first day, but that doesn’t mean you have to lug all your books! “Don’t show up empty-handed, but don’t bring your entire book list either,” says Gibson. “If it rains or a pen leaks in your bag, the resale value on those $500 books goes way down.”