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A Day in the Life: Panama City Beach Spring Break

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Okay, let me start off by saying one thing: Panama City Beach Spring Break is not dead. 

You want to drink in PCB during Spring Break 2016? You take your 21-year-old self and drink as much as your little heart desires.  You want to party on the white sand beaches of Panama City Beach with thousands of other spring breakers?  Head down to Sharky’s Beach Bash and rage all day with country super-star Brett Eldredge and other top artists.  You want to party into the wee hours of the night?  Good thing the clubs in PCB stay open until 2:00am and are 21 to drink but 18 to party!

Still not convinced?  Good thing we’re ready to spell it out for you. Check out what a day in the life of Panama City Beach Spring Break 2016 will look like (hint: it is far from a a boring day sitting on the beach sober).

8:00am  “What happened last night?Why is one shoe on the balcony and where is the other one? Where is my phone? OMG … who did I drunk text last night?! It doesn’t even matter, I have the only thing that does matter: Advil and Gatorade. Hopefully I can just go back to sleep and pray that the hangover gods won’t strike yet again …”
10:00am  “Am I really not hungover right now?! [Gets out of bed] Okay I spoke too soon, I’m a little hungover. I don’t know if I can make it to the StudentCity pool party BUT it is Spring Break and I did come to rage my face off and I am never one to turn down free drinks. Let’s drink a mimosa and cook breakfast and see where this takes us. I cannot believe it is only day two … “


11:00am  “This week is going to be a marathon, not a sprint. It is gorgeous out and I do need to get my tan on before stepping foot in the club tonight. Maybe we should just lay out by the pool or meander over to the gorgeous white sand beach for the day and go for a swim and relax before the night starts.”
12:00pm  “I am such a sucker for a good time … I could never pass up the chance for free beer and awesome DJs at the most epic day party Panama City Beach has ever seen. Time to head over to the exclusive StudentCity day party and get our day drink on.”
3:00pm    “I LOVE SPRING BREAK! I could stay here forever. I love Panama City Beach. The sun is shining, the music is bumping, and I’ve got a solid buzz going (for free might I add); what more could I want? AND I just made best friends with this girl in the bathroom and now it is time to go dance like Beyonce on stage.”


4:00pm    “Food? Did someone say Five Guys? Take me there right now or I might die. I know we have our free welcome dinner and kickoff party in a couple hours, but  I need a burger and a large fry stat. And maybe a power nap ….”
6:00pm    “I am the king of Spring Break. I power napped, showered, and damn do I look good. I am so ready to take on this night, but I am not sure if this night is ready for me. Club La Vela may be the largest club in the U.S., but it’s got nothing on me; especially in these shoes. But first we need to make a pit stop: StudentCity welcome dinner.”
7:00pm    “The StudentCity welcome dinner has a free buffet dinner and free drinks? Time to refuel before showing this night what I am made of.”


9:00pm    “I feel GREAT. I could not feel better right now. I’ve got all my friends by my side, we look fantastic, and we’re about to head to one of the hottest clubs Panama City Beach Spring Break has to offer. And, because we were the smartest humans in the world and bought the Panamaniac card, we’re going to get FREE COVER, OPEN BAR, and EXPRESS ENTRY!”
12:00am  “Sooo I may have just made out with that really cute guy I was dancing with …. But it’s Spring Break and he was cute so it’s fine. They say don’t fall in love on Spring Break, but he got my number; maybe he is my future husband.”
3:00am    “Bed. I need bed. I know I said this night wasn’t ready for me, but I definitely underestimated Panama City Beach Spring Break. This night won and I willingly surrender. It was the best day and night of my life and I cannot wait to do it all again tomorrow.”

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*The legal drinking age in Panama City Beach is 21.  All package inclusions involving alcohol are only available for StudentCity travelers who are 21 and over. StudentCity does not condone or encourage underage drinking and is not responsible for cards confiscated by venues for fraud, forgery, or misuse.