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7-year-old gets plastic surgery vouchers for Christmas

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As reported, Sarah Burge, otherwise known as “Human Barbie,” gave her 7-year-old daughter, Poppy, an $11,000 liposuction voucher for Christmas. To no one’s surprise, this is not the first time Poppy has received gifts in the form of plastic surgery vouchers. Last year Mommy Dearest gave her daughter a voucher for a boob job, which she can redeem once she is 18, if she so chooses…but we can be quite certain that she will…

I hope while Poppy is receiving tens of thousands of dollars in plastic surgery vouchers at such a tender age, that she is also getting some other sweet gifts that a 7-year-old can actually use. Talk about lack of imagination here on ma’duke’s part; taking the easy way out and giving her daughter all these pieces of paper that she can’t even use for 10+ years.

What happens once Poppy is 18 and has used all of her vouchers? Sarah is going to need to step up her game in the gift-giving department.

Then again, Poppy is a moron. Clearly she could be getting some bomb ass gifts right now if her mom is dropping that kind of loot on things that can’t even be used yet. Poppy should be asking for puppies, ponies, giraffes, etc. Once she is 16, she should be asking for a Lamborghini, then at 18 ask for a boob job. Get your priorities straight, sister. Milk Mom for all she’s worth.

On a final note; the doctor in the blue scrubs can get at me.