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6 Reasons to Book a Hotel Only Package for Your Spring Break Trip

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Having spent nearly 30 years perfecting every aspect of Spring Break and the trip packages we provide, we pride ourselves on the StudentCity experience that each student receives when traveling with us.

Because the majority of our travelers will book packages that include flights and accommodations, it is sometimes forgotten that we offer hotel only packages for all of our destinations that still include the amazing StudentCity experience that we are known for.

When booking your Spring Break trip, there are a couple factors to keep in mind about why our hotel only packages could be the perfect fit for you and your friends ….

1.) Use Points

Nowadays just about everyone either knows someone who is enrolled in a frequent flier program or is enrolled in one themselves.  When booking a hotel only package for your Spring Break trip, you will be able to book your flights on your own and use any points you (or your parents) have laying around waiting to be used.

2.) Get Points

If you are a bit of a travel bug and love using your travel rewards credit card to earn points on your preferred airline, booking a hotel only package is perfect for you.  Leave the hotel and the Spring Break experience to us and head over to your favorite airline to maximize your points earnings by booking your flight with your travel rewards card.

3.) Lock in Your Travel Dates

If you book one of our flex flight packages that includes flight and hotel, you won’t know your exact flight details until closer to your travel dates and could be departing for your Spring Break destination Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday of your Spring Break week. A hotel only package allows you to choose your exact dates and book a flight at your leisure.

4.) Low Trip Deposit

Since you will be booking your flight on your own we won’t need the money to lock in your flight when you make your initial deposit, meaning you can wait as long as you need to before purchasing and paying for your flight.

5.) Use Your Connections

Maybe you have connections to a flight attendant who wants to give you one of their guest flights or maybe your parents are big wigs at an airline. If you have any connections to get flights at a discounted rate, or even free, USE THEM and book one of our hotel only packages.

6.) Hotel Only Holiday Specials

Let us do the giving this holiday season with our Holiday Specials; we’re practically giving away 2017 Spring Break trips with these hotel only packages to all of our top destinations. With packages starting at just $299, you won’t find deals like these anywhere else.