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5 People To Look Out For On The Road

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The following is a list of people you will commonly encounter just about every time you get behind the wheel. It includes details about what to look out for, as well as steps you can take to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

1. The kid who loved Fast and the Furious

The most under-rated problem in America right now: Old people driving big Cadillac’s. When you see a big line of cars all following one car that has had its blinker on for the past two weeks, look out. The person driving is shockingly likely to forget what side the brake is on and plow into whatever poor souls are in their way. These are the types of people who drive 20 miles per hour on regular roads, but always manage to get up to about 50 ONLY when they’re careening through the front entrance of a Little Caesar’s Pizzeria. Call me crazy, but I think that if you are ever not 100 percent positive which side the gas pedal is on and which side the brake is on, your right to operate a motor vehicle should at least be in question. But hey I don’t want to tell you how to live your life. You better believe though…when I see the white-heads behind the wheel, I steer clear. Literally.

Well there you have it; you are now a more aware and safer driver for reading this. And if you were at all offended by any of it, that means you’re probably one of the people I have described and should never ever drive again. Keep in mind, this list is by no-means complete, so if you can think of anymore dangerous drivers let me know in the comment section. Maybe you’ll get featured in Part II.