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20 Thoughts You Have While on Nassau Spring Break

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Nassau, Bahamas is one of the most popular Spring Break destinations for college students across the country. This beautiful island is the perfect setting for you and your friends to experience an insane Spring Break in an ultra-exclusive atmosphere. If you are a first time spring breaker you better believe almost all of these thoughts will run through your head during your trip …

“That ocean cannot actually be that blue, there is NO way. I have been to a lot of beaches in my life and I have never seen anything so amazing. They have to dye it or something …”


“So I can really just walk up to the bar and order 10 shots for my friends and I and I don’t have to pay for it? I can’t even tip the hotel bartenders? Am I in Nassau or Heaven?”


“Where is my sunscreen? My pale winter skin is not ready for this beating Caribbean sun.”


“Why in the world did I think it was a good idea to come here without my boyfriend? There are SO MANY beautiful people; this is just a recipe for disaster.”


“OMG this late night buffet is literally the best thing that could have happened to my Spring Break. Hello nachos, goodbye future hangover!”


“I can go rock climbing, do trapeze, kayak in the ocean, lay out on the beach, AND party at the pool?! I want to do it all.”


“What’s in a Bahama Mama? Do I really care? Let’s be real, when have I ever cared what my delicious fruity drink was made of.”


“Am I really on a PRIVATE ISLAND right now? I mean I know I’m pretty cool [read: don’t wait in lines at clubs] but a private island? This just took things to a whole new level.”


“Damn do I look good. If I don’t at least get that girl from the pool’s number I might as well consider myself a failure.”


“Wait so I don’t have to pay a cover at the club AND it’s open bar? Thank god I bought my Nassau Platinum Pass and am not stuck paying for my drinks …”


“Where is my phone? Please tell me I didn’t lose my phone. OMG I lost my phone. I am such an idiot, how could I lose the ONE thing I was responsible for? Oh …. it’s under my bed.”


“UGH as if not bringing that girl home with me wasn’t bad enough, now I am being sexiled. Again.”


“Can you die from a hangover?”


“So like what would happen if I just didn’t get on my return flight? Can I just try it and just stay here forever?”


“Wait … this might be the best day of my life. I’m on a private island dancing on the bar and all of my best friends are here. Definitely the best day of my life.”


“I am literally dancing like Beyonce right now, everyone must just be staring because they are jealous of my awesome dance moves.”


“If I use Gatorade as a mixer I totally won’t be hungover tomorrow.”


“This exclusive pregame party is AWESOME! The best part is I didn’t even have to pay to get in.”




“There is no way I am going to make my flight tomorrow. I am setting literally 17 alarms, someone better make sure my butt is out of bed and on that transfer.”

If you’ve already been to Nassau for Spring Break, you get it.  If you haven’t, then it looks like you need to experience it. Click here for all Nassau Spring Break trip details!