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10 Ways to Drink For Cheap

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Drinking beer instead of cocktails will help save money while drinking.Drinking is probably the most popular college activity for students looking for a party but it’s also one of the most expensive. Here are some ways to cut down on costs so you can drink more or save up to do something other than make out with random frat boys at the local towny bar.

1. Coupons

With the age of the Internet turning into the age of social media, bars are offering coupons via Twitter and Facebook. Usually college-oriented bars offer a deal every night of the week (Margarita Mondays, $2 Pint Tuesdays, etc) so take advantage.

2. Cute Guys

Talk up some cute guy at the bar and he’ll keep buying you drinks so long as you keep the conversation flowing and actually seem interested. Good topic points include: sex, his manly charm and sports. Avoid: whining about how it’s nice to finally meet a good-natured guy, school (unless bashing a mutual professor) and lady problems. Oh, and roofies.

3. Beer and Wine

Beer and wine may have a lower alcohol volume percentage than hard liquor, but they’re usually cheaper and prevent from anyone getting too wild.

4. Happy Hour

Happy Hour is your BFFL, don’t ever forget that.

5. Trader Joe’s

Have you ever heard of Trader Joe’s? They have their own brand of wine, at least we think it’s theirs…we can’t find it anywhere else. The bottles costs only $1.99-$3.99. And it’s good, like really, really good.

6. Pregame

Drink what you own before you go out so you don’t go spending a lot in clubs or bars. That way, you won’t come home with an empty wallet and wake up with a hazy memory and a “what the hell happened to all my money!?” moment.

7. Day Drinking

Fans of day-drinking should find bottomless mimosas in bars that are open for brunch over the weekends.

8. Designated Driver

Not drinking is completely free…be the designated driver for a night and watch your friends act silly, it’s like a free show too! Make them pay for gas since you are the one driving them around.

9. Pitchers

Buying large pitchers of drinks to split with friends also reduces the cost – it’s like Costco, buying in bulk always saves money in the long run.

10. Parents

Ask your parents for “food money.” Cash needs no receipts or credit history and how can parents deny you “food?”