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Spring break fun

10 simple rules for having a blast on spring break

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Have fun on spring break this year courtesy of our handy guide.Spring break is nigh upon us, less than two months away! If you haven’t planned your vacation to Mexico, the Caribbean or Florida yet, now is the time!

If you have booked your spring break 2011 trip, all that’s left is packing some fabulous outfits and thinking about how to make the most of your time while you’re away.

To make life easier for you, here are ten ways to make sure your spring break is safe, sexy and most of all, FUN!

1. Traveling

Traveling is always a happy adventure (except for Thelma and Louise), but long flights or lengthy car rides can get really boring. Bring a portable game (20 questions, anyone?), magazines with fun quizzes like “what does your hair style say about you?” and other activities that need group involvement. Hopefully, you’re not going on spring break alone, so bring something that will entertain everyone.

Movies and laptops might seem like a good idea, but it’s really not interactive. Bring something that requires socializing and leave the gadgets at home, except for…

2. Music

Make sure your iPod or MP3 player is stored with plenty of party music for those hotel room pre- and post- clubbing parties. Check with your hotel to see if the rooms come stocked with speakers, which could save you plenty of room for other things like clothes…and condoms.

3. Condoms

Yes, condoms. If you plan on getting some during the week bring protection with you for two reasons. While many think its the guys responsibility to bring the goods, many of them forget. Also, when your drunk and horny walking to the store will seem like such a pain in the ass.

So, bring them with you…all shapes and sizes and put a bunch in your room and two in your purse/pocket when going out. You’ll be glad you did when its time for seconds.

Sidenote: like college, the roommate rules apply. Make sure your hotel buddies are cool with you occupying the room before doing the nasty. This isn’t the Jersey Shore after all.

4. Sunscreen

Spring break is all about fun in the sun, but it’s not so great when your skin is peeling by the end of the week. Be smart and bring plenty of sunscreen with you. Store it in plastic bags so you prevent any damage in your luggage case should the containers explodes while flying.

You might think to yourself “I don’t burn” or “I don’t need that much sunscreen,” but you’re oh-so-very wrong. Everyone is affected by UV rays and just as many people are at risk to develop cancer if they don’t wear the sunscreen. Tanning Oil with SPF 2 does not count.

Also, if you do end up getting a burn, have fun in the sack. That friction feels so good between the sheets when your skin is raw and gross. Except not.

5. No Drama

Stay away from the drama. The Jersey Shore may make it look cool to get wasted, throw a bitch fit and pull a girl’s hair out for stealing your man, or whatever, but it’s also really embarrassing. Starting fights for no reason is pretty desperate-looking and is definitely not attractive unless you’re into the female wrestling… or bitch-slapping.

So don’t make your friends feel like they shouldn’t be around you while drinking. Oh, dance the night away, be sexy and act silly, for sure, but don’t be a ho. There’s a difference between entering a wet t-shirt contest and taking your top off in the middle of the dance floor and letting every guy within a 30-yard radius cop a feel. Don’t be that girl, (or guy…yes! You who thinks everyone wants to touch your “guns.”) its unsightly and people will just think you’re kind of pathetic.

6. Try New Things

Try something new everyday. For each day of the week you’re on vacay, try something you’ve never done before. This is a time to let loose and experience life, so grab it by the balls and bounce off the walls

Be it a new food, foreign word/phrase, shooter or position, just go for it. If you don’t like it, you’ll always be able to say you tried!

7. Downtime

Take a day off halfway through the week. Partying non-stop is exhausting and takes a toll on your health, so give yourself the day off and find a quiet spot on the beach (or at the pool) to lay in the sun, relaxing. Another option is to explore the town/city/island you’re visiting. Go shopping, take a tour, or just wander the streets aimlessly… after all, it’s not a vacation if there’s no exploration, and we don’t just mean in the sack.

8. Celeb Watch

Keep an eye out for celebrities in local haunts, where you might actually get the chance to chat them up. Sure, big-name stars often grace the outdoor concert stages during spring break but unless you’re in the front row, chances are, you won’t make eye contact.

If they’re in town for a bit go celebrity hunting and track them down for that photo or autograph you’ve always wanted. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be taking shots of Patron with Snoop in 6 weeks time!

9. Scrapbook

Make a scrapbook, keep a diary, or take tons of pictures so you don’t forget anything that happened during spring break 2011! How else are you going to remember that cute foreigner from one night, the hugging spree you went on just because you felt like it (Free Hugs!) or the rendition of “Gangsta’s Paradise” your best performed flawlessly even though you’ve never heard her listen to rap once?

10. Don’t Stress

Things on vacation never go according to plan so whether it’s a tiff with TSA, a bitch of a cab driver or a date who ends up being a loser… just smile!

It’s spring break, baby!