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Inception at Sea Onboard Credit Explained: What to Buy with Your $50 Onboard Credit

Over the past month or so you've probably seen some promotions surrounding the $50 onboard credit for our Spring Break cruise, Inception at Sea, but weren't quit sure what an onboard credit was or what the credit could be used towards. Let us explain ...

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A Year in Review: StudentCity's Biggest Moments of 2016

It is hard to believe that we are already looking back at 2016 reflecting on everything that has happened in just 12 short months. It feels like just yesterday that we were getting ready for Spring Break 2016 with six Spring Break destinations and the hopes that year 1 of Inception at Sea, the first ever fully-chartered Spring Break floating music festival, would go down in Spring Break history. 

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20 of Our Favorite Instagram Photos from 2016

1.) These VIPs who swapped their morning coffee with bottles to make sure they didn't miss out on any of the Cancun Spring Break action. 


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2.) This UDEL spring breaker who wasn't about to let a foot injury get between her and Nassau, Bahamas this Spring Break.


A photo posted by StudentCity (@studentcity) on

3.) That one time The Chainsmokers performed at Inception Music Festival in Cancun during Spring Break 2016.


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4.) These StudentCity staff members who found the perfect spot to look after all of our Nassau Spring Break travelers who were spending the day at Sandy Toes for our private island party.


A photo posted by StudentCity (@studentcity) on

5.) And the girls who wanted to spend their day at Sandy Toes on the bar rather than relaxing on the beach.


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6.) This amazing shot of Inception at Sea's maiden voyage that captured the moment our dreams of setting sail on the first ever fully chartered, all-inclusive Spring Break cruise became a reality.


A photo posted by StudentCity (@studentcity) on

7.) The repost from Elite Daily that was all too real for any college student.


A photo posted by StudentCity (@studentcity) on

8.) The girl who danced like no one was watching and put the party in the the daytime snorkel party cruise during Punta Cana Spring Break. 


A photo posted by StudentCity (@studentcity) on

9.) This shot of Inception Music Festival that proves that everything gets hotter when the sun goes down during Cancun Spring Break.


A photo posted by StudentCity (@studentcity) on

10.) The girls who were all smiles as they pranced around Great Stirrup Cay during Inception at Sea's private island party.


A photo posted by StudentCity (@studentcity) on

11.) The legend who's bottle opener flip flops were so important to him that he was able to leave Sandy Toes without losing either of them. 


A photo posted by StudentCity (@studentcity) on

12.) The group of Wake Forest students who did Cancun Spring Break the right way and spent the day cruising around the Gulf of Mexico on a catamaran.


A photo posted by StudentCity (@studentcity) on

13.) These girls who proved that Freeport, Bahamas is nothing short of perfection.


A photo posted by StudentCity (@studentcity) on

14.) The night that Mashd N Kutcher absolutely killed it at Mandala Beach when they performed during Inception Music Festival in Cancun.


A photo posted by StudentCity (@studentcity) on

15.) This girl who embodies the true meaning of Spring Break and the guy underneath her who is the real MVP for letting her live her Spring Break dream.


A photo posted by StudentCity (@studentcity) on

16.) These gorgeous human beings who had everyone on Nassau Spring Break wishing they went to UDEL.


A photo posted by StudentCity (@studentcity) on

17.) The all-or-nothing man who didn't bother testing the water before diving straight into Spring Break 2016 in Nassau, Bahamas.


A photo posted by StudentCity (@studentcity) on

18.) This interesting character who spent his 2016 Spring Break trip just horsing around in Cancun.


A photo posted by StudentCity (@studentcity) on

19.) The group of students who made it perfectly clear why UMass is commonly referred to as "ZooMass".


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And last but not least, our absolute favorite moment in 2016 .....

20.) This loyal group of friends who BROUGHT A LARGER THAN LIFE CUTOUT OF MORGAN TO NASSAU because she was unable to go on the trip with them. Morgan may not have been there in person, but her cutout experienced one hell of a Spring Break trip.


A photo posted by StudentCity (@studentcity) on


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6 Reasons to Book a Hotel Only Package for Your Spring Break Trip

Having spent nearly 30 years perfecting every aspect of Spring Break and the trip packages we provide, we pride ourselves on the StudentCity experience that each student receives when traveling with us.

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MEET OUR TEAM! Sarah G., Regional Sales Manager

Meet Sarah; small town gal from Westford, MA who loves mimosas, mermaids, and everything basic!

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Where is Inception at Sea 2017 Going?

Inception Cruisers will be boarding Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas on Monday March 13th in Miami, Florida and sailing to CocoCay and Nassau, Bahamas before returning to Miami on Friday March 17th. For those of you who have never been to any of these places, here’s a little more about each…

Inception at Sea Spring Break 2017

Black Friday Specials for Spring Break 2017 That You Won't Want to Miss

Like everyone else, we love a good Black Friday deal; especially when it has to do with travel. This year we are giving you some of the best Black Friday specials we've ever had and sending you to almost all of our 2017 Spring Break destinations with insanely low prices.

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Inception At Sea 2017 - Phase 1 Lineup Announced [VIDEO]

It’s here, it’s here! The first artists who will be joining Inception Cruisers on Inception at Sea 2017 have just been announced. The lineup includes:

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Top Spring Break 2017 Destinations for the Week of March 4th

Although some schools have their Spring Break in late February, the month of March is widely known as the official start to Spring Break. If your school has blessed you with Spring Break the week of March 4th, then you are in luck. Check out our top international and domestic destinations for Spring Break 2017 during the week of March 4th below.

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