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DJ Kaos Inception Mix

Dive into fall with this sick new Inception Mix from our good friend DJ Kaos!

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The Only Packing List You Will Need to Stay Warm in Mont Tremblant

When traveling, packing can be such a hassle. Packing for your Spring Break trip probably consists of you just throwing all your bathing suits, tank tops, and sandals in a bag and calling it a day. However, packing for a colder destination is a completely different ball game. When traveling to Mont Tremblant it is important to be prepared for the weather; in the heat you can take clothes off, in the winter it is vital to layer up. Follow these packing tips to stay comfortable and warm on your unforgettable trip to Mont Tremblant!  

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Freeport, Bahamas Spring Break Starting at $499/Person - Castaways Resort & Suites

Freeport, Bahamas is already the most affordable all-inclusive, international Spring Break destination, and it's now even cheaper! If you're looking to save a little cash right off the bat, book yourself a 4-night stay in Freeport that's NOT all-inclusive. StudentCity will hook you up at Castaways Resort & Suites, where you will find awesome amenities for your Spring Break trip, but at a much cheaper cost than an all-inclusive resort on the island.

International Spring Break Freeport Spring Break Affordable Spring Break Freeport, Bahamas

Check Western Europe off Your Bucket List with This 10-Day Guided Tour

Ever dream of eating a French baguette under the Eiffel Tower? Or maybe your dream vacation consists of drinking sangria and eating tapas on the beach in Barcelona. When you spend 10 days exploring Western Europe you'll be able to spend each day checking off bucket list moments just like these. 

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Freeport, Bahamas; why fly when you can float? The party starts on the boat!

Arrive in Freeport, Bahamas unlike any other Spring Break destination by way of a ferry. You'll board the ferry in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on the first morning of your trip. (We recommend getting to Ft. Lauderdale the night before or driving overnight so that you do not miss the ferry!)

Freeport Freeport Spring Break Affordable Spring Break Freeport, Bahamas

How It Feels Going Into Your Last Year of College


"Graduating college on-time is like leaving a party at 8:30"


No FOMO Here - StudentCity Hosts the Only Spring Break Events in Freeport, Bahamas!

Freeport, Bahamas; you're either with us, or you're screwed.

StudentCity is the only option when you're going to Freeport for Spring Break, as we throw the only parties on the island! Not only do we throw the only parties, but they're also exclusive to StudentCity travelers. You've got to stay with us to play with us, so we're trusting that you'll make the right decision here.

Freeport Bahamas Spring Break Freeport Spring Break Affordable Spring Break

Win a Trip for Two to Europe with The Bucket List by StudentCity!

To celebrate the launch of our newest addition to the StudentCity product line, The Bucket List by StudentCity, we are sending two lucky travelers on a 10-day tour of Europe! The winner and one friend will get the opportunity to embark on an amazing journey with the option of exploring Northern Europe or Western Europe

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Freeport, Bahamas is the Most Affordable International Spring Break Destination!

We heard through the grapevine that you and your friends want to get out of the country for Spring Break 2017 and hit up a beautiful tropical Caribbean island that offers awesome all-inclusive resorts, beach parties, and student-exclusive night events...

We also heard that this Spring Break dream of yours must be achieve with a tight budget. You guys don't have a ton of money to spend this year, and that's okay! Freeport, Bahamas offers everything that you're looking for and MORE!

Freeport The Bahamas Bahamas Spring Break Freeport Spring Break Affordable Spring Break

What You Need To Do Before The Summer Ends

Let's face it.  Summer is coming to a close.  We're heading towards the dog days of summer, and everybody is going to be heading back to school within the next couple of weeks. If you're like me, you ended up spending most of your time either working or watching Netflix and being lazier than you have any right to be. Looking back, I'm split 50/50 on whether I think I should have done more, or if I'm happy with the absolute nothing I did.  Either way, doing nothing is getting boring too, and I'm going to try to change that in the next couple weeks before I head back to the wonderful place that is college.