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6 Travel Tips for Your First International Trip

If you are like many college students out there, traveling with StudentCity may be your first opportunity for international travel. Lucky for you, we've got some experience in international travel! We have narrowed it down to 6 essential things to note before taking off for your international travel journey!

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The Bucket List by StudentCity - Get on the Wait List for Your Next Adventure!

StudentCity is excited to announce the upcoming launch of The Bucket List! StudentCity has combined travel to iconic locations with diverse cultural experiences, meeting new people, and living life to the fullest. You're invited to come explore your world! 

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The 5 Stages Of Getting A Sunburn

Three things are certain in life.  Death, taxes, and getting a really really bad sunburn at least once each summer. Doesn't matter if you live life like a lobster, or a bronze god, every time you get burnt it goes the exact same way.

6 People You'll See At Every Concert You Ever Go To


There are few thing's more fun than going to the concert of an artist that you love.  Hearing your favorite songs live is a whole different animal than listening on your phone or on the radio.  Seeing your favorite artist in person can create some of the best memories. Concerts attract massive amounts of people from different levels of Fandom and interest.  Some people are self-proclaimed #1 fans, some just love a concert atmosphere, and some were dragged there by their friends.  No matter what genre the concert is or your reason for being there, there are certain people that you're going to run into every time without fail. 

What is the Spring Break Cruise?

1. The Spring Break Cruise - Inception at Sea - is the most exclusive Spring Break experience of 2017!

2. The Spring Break Cruise sets sail on March 13th 2017, and features 4 nights of around-the-clock parties on the ship's pool deck and on islands in the Bahamas.

3. All meals and events are included on the Spring Break Cruise, featuring a non-stop music festival with top-tier artists. 

4. Check out the Official Aftermovie of last year's Spring Break Cruise:

Inception Cruise Spring Break Cruise Inception at Sea

A Semester at College, As Told By Drake Gifs

When it comes to college, we know better than anybody that no two people are going to have the same experience.  That being said, there are some things that you can't avoid.  It doesn't matter what your major is or where you go to school, you have almost definitely experienced these moments at least once.  Now you may see the title and think,  "Drake didn't go to college... how the hell can he relate?".  Well thanks to the magic of the internet, there's no shortage of Drake gifs that fit every occasion.  Shockingly, a lot of them fit the college lifestyle pretty well.

College Life

Why Spring Break Is Better with Us Than Without Us

We'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you are perfectly capable of going online and booking a flight and hotel, which is great, but you will still be missing one very important aspect of your Spring Break 2017 trip: the experience 

Why Student City Spring Break 2017

Monochromatic Fanatic: 6 Packing Tips for a Cruise

What's one of the best ways to prepare for a cruise? Shopping, obviously. Here are some tips for packing light, packing cute, and getting the most outfits out of less clothing. 

Inception at Sea Packing Tips Cruise Fashion

Top 5 Reasons to Book Your 2017 Spring Break Trip Early

Booking your 2017 Spring Break trip might not be the first thing on your mind as you're slaving away at your summer job or internship, but if you're looking to have the best week of your life and save a couple bucks while doing it you need to book your trip early. Let us clue you in on a couple of our best kept secrets ...

Spring Break Early Booking

We're Paying for Your 2017 Spring Break Trip

Being in college means you are one of two things: broke or in denial about your financial situation. We've all been that person at the bar checking their bank account and having to make the [not so] hard decision of taking shots or going grocery shopping the next day ... taking shots wins every time. And that is a decision we have been supporting for over 20 years now.

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